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Presentation of Edwin Aoki (AOL, Netscape) why Web Apps are dead and still very alive from the FOWA Expo “Future Of Web Apps”. Big conclusion, no one cares about Web Apps, SaaS, PaaS etc. They just want to do the stuff the easiest way. Hey nice! That means we got some work to do for […]

SaaS, PaaS and Haas: Hardware as a Service. Or in other words: thin clients. So what is the role of SaaS in this all? Most of thin clients are connected to a server in their LAN in order to guarantee fast connections. Next step obviously will be a connection via web. Making it possible to […]

Came across a very interesting thesis written by Christof van Nimwegen on providing assistance in user interfaces. To get to the point: If you help the user too much they won´t learn and remember. If you let him learn by himself with minimal clues he will be able to work faster, with interruptions and will […]

A very good interview with Lawson´s CEO, Harry Debes about SaaS. He mentioned that he lived through the SaaS hypes (allthough called differently) already two times and that all failed. His main criticism is that he says that it all depends on the product itself, regardless of the shape it takes: SaaS, desktop whatever. I completely agree. […]

So software is moving online. This brings one disadvantage and that is that you can make the interaction works as you want it to be. This is actually great and not a problem when we are talking about a normal website, but creates trouble when we are talking about applications. If everybody is creating different […]

Microsoft announced that in Windows 7 it will have multitouch capabilities and that that would be the way forward and the next big thing. So Apple launched multitouch for the iPhone, great idea and big success. Multitouch, great for your phone (trying to click with a pen on an HTC Windows Mobile drives me nuts) or […]

OK, so it is possible. Photoshop Express but fast. Loads like a beauty, quick interaction and loads of features. And no, it has nothing to do with the heavyweight Japanese wrestlers. One thing it has in common is that it is another example of how to put heavyweight desktop software as a Flash SaaS application. […]