SaaS market will ‘collapse’ in two years

SaaS market will 'collapse' in two years

ZDnet interview with Harry Debes: SaaS market will

A very good interview with Lawson´s CEO, Harry Debes about SaaS. He mentioned that he lived through the SaaS hypes (allthough called differently) already two times and that all failed. His main criticism is that he says that it all depends on the product itself, regardless of the shape it takes: SaaS, desktop whatever.

I completely agree. SaaS applications will be available as desktop applications, desktop applications will be available as SaaS, SaaS applications are available on your mobile and you as a user will choose what you prefer.

One thing that did change since the last waves of SaaS is that bandwith is bigger, more people are connected and that the technical possibilities are wider. So more products are possible (like our NTRsupport or NTRadmin) and better in day to day use than they were a few years ago.

“We use, and I like it. But I would’ve bought the product even if it wasn’t SaaS. The success of, in my opinion, has to do with their product being good, not because it’s SaaS.” Harry Debes, CEO Lawson

> Read the whole article at ZDnet


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