SaaS and thin clients (HaaS)

Perfect match for SaaS

HP thin client: Perfect match for SaaS

SaaS, PaaS and Haas: Hardware as a Service. Or in other words: thin clients.

So what is the role of SaaS in this all?

Most of thin clients are connected to a server in their LAN in order to guarantee fast connections. Next step obviously will be a connection via web. Making it possible to combine servers in one location, maybe even using PaaS and cloud computing. Everything as a service.

SaaS and Haas: a perfect couple. Thin clients are not made to run a lot of software and don´t have a lot of storage. So Saas fits in perfectly. Moreover it brings down IT administration costs (in the mean time, use until you have all computers replaced by thin clients)

Is the need to always have a web/LAN connection  problem? I would say no. Now yes, but looking at the trend of browsers storing data locally and web applications turning to thin desktop apps with a possibility to function without connection, the future is thin clients!


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