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The time of long PDF manuals is over. Why? Software moves online (SaaS) and you don´t get your nice box with manuals (which I read whenever I can´t find the information online). Moreover I get feedback that our users don´t read the manual (RTFM is an utopia). They want the assistence when the problem occurs. When […]

We get back to Luke Wroblewski´s lifelong knowledge of forms. Must say that it is great to have someone checking out these things in detail so we don´t have to invent the wheel again (and ending up with the same mistakes that Alexander the Great already made in 2000 BC). This time he focused on […]

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January the 30th is coming closer for the deadline of Nielsen Norman’s Best Application UI 2009. For me a reason to push the launch of all the new products we are going to launch even more. Looking at the past winners I am looking forward to the winners this time and learning from their success. […]