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Currently I am working on different ways of visualizing computer networks and support sessions. At the moment this must be one of the most advancing fields of work. Especially after seeing Microsoft Photosynth, Cooliris, Microsoft sphere and the presentation of their Sixth Sense at TED of MIT Media lab. It keeps on having the Wow effect. So […]

Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the basics. Normally I use checklists to go through at various stages of the design process. Does it all still make sense? Is it still in line with the original objectives? Am I not forgetting the basics? One of those basics is Nielsen & Norman’s “10 Usability […]

MIT media lab has been having fun and the results are even better. They created a really cool and rather realistic (at least, that’s how it looks) way to immerse in full environment interaction with a small wearable device. > Check out the TED video

Microsoft launched one of it’s future visions for 2019  in a video. Philips and loads more are doing the same continuously. This ideal world where all people are gorgeous and smiling the whole time and where the user experience is always great because everything has been designed till the details (great! Huge design budgets to go […]