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Post -it o Post-it You make my world so bright and shiney You keep all well organized Make it possible to change on the fly and not loose track Re-arrange without 20 Outlook emails Add colour to my work life Serve as office wallpaper and decoration Let me draw and scratch and do card sorting […]

Mozilla build a great plugin for Firefox using a command line/search box that can take pre-build commands as well as natural language commands. See it as a mix of Google, Wolfram Alpha, the good old command line and one of those helmets that knows what you are thinking. For example, you write an email with […]

Lately I have been looking into the possibilities of merging the command line and the search box. Remember that nice black screen with the flashing white cursor? The promise of the blinking cursor Having loads of options in front of you, but no idea which ones? You could do whatever you want, but first you […]

There is quite a bunch of software on the market to create realistic prototypes, wireframes using the designs made in Photoshop, Illustrator etc. It looks great but it partly misses the point in my opinion. The whole joy of a wireframe is that it is fast, that you can check it fast and that it […]