The command line/search in action: Mozilla Ubiquity

Mozilla Ubiquity

Get maps, emails, pictures, translations etc within a few keystrokes

Mozilla build a great plugin for Firefox using a command line/search box that can take pre-build commands as well as natural language commands.

See it as a mix of Google, Wolfram Alpha, the good old command line and one of those helmets that knows what you are thinking.

For example, you write an email with an address and you want to add a map: whoppa, there it is. By typing 2 words or sometimes even a few words you get maps, translations using web services.

See how it all works at:

Or install and try it yourself:


3 Responses to “The command line/search in action: Mozilla Ubiquity”

  1. 1 mattpk23

    Hi Remko, this is indeed a great add-on. Have been using it for a while now. Once you are aware of what you can do with it, its great, but when you start using it you just forget it is there.

    Of course Launchbar and Quicksilver do the same great things but for your OS.

  2. sounds interesting. will give it a try. although the amount of useful addons in ff is disturbing me lately (the browser gets laggy)

  3. 3 Sun Sunich

    I just watched the video and have to admit, it impressed me much. Hope this thing has future.

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