User Experience of Japanese Toilets

How do you flush?
How do you flush?

On a recent visit to Tokyo I was amazed at how fluid the user experience of everything from trains to restaurants is. It seems that whenever you have a question, they have already thought of the answer.

One thing that drove me up the wall though after spending 10 min in a toilet, was: “Where is the flush?”
You can water you behind and/or front at different speeds, with sounds (several volumes), have a nice smelling perfume etc…
But the flush? Sometimes difficult to find, sometimes automatic when you stand up.
I love domotica, but you can get too far….

3 Responses to “User Experience of Japanese Toilets”

  1. 1 Merijn Neeleman

    Wow! I love the ‘but-spray’icon!
    What does the ‘powerful deodorizer’ do?

    • 2 Remko Vermeulen

      …make it smell like cheap toilet spray so everybody knows you did a massive one.

  2. Lol 🙂 I had the same problem in South Korea few years ago. I can’t remember how I solved the problem though…

    Maybe they should implement a graceful degradation to analog flush and not assume that everybody can use the latest installed toilet version 🙂


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