Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics & The Cloud

Cloud based Business Analytics from Gooddata

Cloud based Business Analytics from Gooddata

SaaS and the Cloud are great. You have all your data available easily and from wherever.

If you are doing a good job and have great API’s to extract from and enter data into your application you open the true gates of heaven.

Being a fan of Tim Berner Lee’s call for action: RAW DATA NOW! it creates loads of possibilities that you most probably didn’t think about.

One we did think about though is the possibility to have good analytics and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence: A market with little innovation

Looking at the big guys like Cognos, SAP and IBM there is not a massive amount of innovation going on in this market. Huge monsters of thousands of features (you must do something to defend your price) usability and ease of use is placed as a priority after the feature shopping list.

So how come that this hasn’t changed?

Until now the data to base the analytics on is local on your network, in your software or on one database. So you need something local to harvest all this data and as standards are lacking something that can read loads of different data.

The Dashboard: Nothing more needed

Go and check with your CVFO and CEO and see what data they are really looking at. Observe… Do they go into all little details, create reports, interlink tables? I bet you they don’t. Most probably they have 1 dashboard with all they need. And if they need more, what happens? Yep, they ask the assistant or admin person to create them a report.

So why all the fuzz if only 1 dashboard per person is needed? Most probably you need a lot of data to create this simple dashboard. Data from your sales team, web analytics, online marketing and financial team. For fun just draw your ideal Business Intelligence dashboard and then go into details on what you need to create these graphs, bart charts and indicators.

Data in The Cloud: Mash you Way Up To The Gates of Heaven

With Google Analytics as a good trend setter for analytics with a user interface that doesn’t require a big fat manual (is there a one actually?) more are to follow. One recent great product I spotted is Good Data that is easy to use and has the possibility to mash up data from different sources. Tim Berners Lee must love this!

Oh yeah, and it is in the Cloud obviously, so light, no setup, not being stuck in a data format.

> Visit the Gooddata website


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  1. 1 Sun Sunich

    That sounds promising.
    One thing I didn’t get is did you participate in creation or not?

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