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Most of the time I don’t like too woolly theories that practically don’t make any difference at all to what you get. I am sure that a lot of companies that use this theory all the time have a user experience to cry. Must be: Don’t annoy people As Steve Krug’s book title: “Don’t make […]

After done the trip so many times and every time being annoyed by how crap the user experience is of the airport to city trip. I decided to make a small diary of getting off a plane and getting to Barcelona. The city of Barcelona wants to be a to tourist destination, known for it’s […]

I must admit that designing for small surfaces has one very big benefit: constraints. Designing for a normal screen gives you way more freedom, but it is too easy not to stick to that one thing that really is important. Small screens on the other hand force you to stick to the core, those basics […]