The Kano Model: User Experience Back to Basics

The ungrateful task of getting it to work...

The ungrateful task of getting it to work... (Image thanks to Stephen Anderson)

Most of the time I don’t like too woolly theories that practically don’t make any difference at all to what you get. I am sure that a lot of companies that use this theory all the time have a user experience to cry.

Must be: Don’t annoy people

As Steve Krug’s book title: “Don’t make me think” already suggests usability is most about not annoying people and a little bit about delighting people.

At least personally I most of the time choose which app I use based on which one annoys me least. The one that gets me to my objective fastest. Sounds simple, but that is where most of the work is.

It has to be fast, it has to work and it shouldn’t ask you stupid questions.

Delight: Good Usability is just not enough

You can do OK, or you can really get your users hyped up.

Do one thing: change the colour of the background (takes 10 min, right?) of your app. And there you go, reactions will be pretty strong. Take out one step of an often used process: nice, but not such a strong reaction.

Most probably most of your time you are busy on not annoying people, just making it work, but when you have that sorted out (actually before) don’t forget to delight your users. Actually, start with it!

Want to know more?

Check out Stephen Anderson’presentation on seducing customers.


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