Fun with elevators

Nice organization of buttons

So how does this elevator move? Like Willy Wonka's magic elevator?

Seen them, used them, pictured them….
Elevators are the subject this time.
Checking out our Granada office elevator I had some fun with the elevator buttons.

This elevator moves from the left to the right in random order. Maybe if you press both up buttons you fly out of the roof like Charlie’s chocolate factory elevator?
Would be cool, let me try next time….




One Response to “Fun with elevators”

  1. Oh, elevators! The best one I found in Paris, Mercure Hotel. See my fotos on Facebook (

    Read the instructions and you will know: It does not work. Step 2 seems to be easy but there are 3 elevators and you have to observe all at once. If an elevator opens its door it does not mean that this is the elevator you are waiting for.

    Lbnl: If you are inside the elevator you do not have any chance to change the floor. You have to leave and start the procedure again. For some elderly people it was a horrible trip trough several floors. The was very frustrated because they only wanted to have their breakfast.

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