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Working in product development for middle to large companies it is very easy to hide behind a lot of walls. The “product manager told me so” or the “technically it is not possible” or the “the CEO thought that was  a great feature” one. Practically they exist, but in order to get the user experience […]

I must admit that designing for small surfaces has one very big benefit: constraints. Designing for a normal screen gives you way more freedom, but it is too easy not to stick to that one thing that really is important. Small screens on the other hand force you to stick to the core, those basics […]

How much fun, a desktop OS from Google. Not a surprise, but still a nice message to shake it all up a bit. CNET calls it a nuclear bomb and I guess it is. What does that al mean for the UX sector? Make our life easier. Maybe one day we can stop developing .exe´s […]

Let’s be honest: buttons suck. Dropdowns suck, sliders suck, everything that makes you think sucks. Example: 1:45 AM. You want to get money our of an ATM, you are not very sober and next to a bar and ran out of money. You enter your card, type in your PIN code, now the fun starts. Questions […]

We get back to Luke Wroblewski´s lifelong knowledge of forms. Must say that it is great to have someone checking out these things in detail so we don´t have to invent the wheel again (and ending up with the same mistakes that Alexander the Great already made in 2000 BC). This time he focused on […]

An article from two years ago written by Bruce Tognazzini from the Nielsen Norman group on his Bug Hall of Fame with some of the worst bugs ever. But why does number three: “Automobile Self-Destruct Switch” from Lexus be the fault of a company called “Remco”? At least it is less bad than the “throw […]