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A great video on what the User Experience designer does in the style of David Attenborough… Credits for this video go to Lyle Alzaldo Advertisements

How much fun, a desktop OS from Google. Not a surprise, but still a nice message to shake it all up a bit. CNET calls it a nuclear bomb and I guess it is. What does that al mean for the UX sector? Make our life easier. Maybe one day we can stop developing .exe´s […]

There is quite a bunch of software on the market to create realistic prototypes, wireframes using the designs made in Photoshop, Illustrator etc. It looks great but it partly misses the point in my opinion. The whole joy of a wireframe is that it is fast, that you can check it fast and that it […]

As a user experience designer you can get better results if you can design the whole user process from start to end. In this ideal world everybody uses your software/application and it would solve all problems someone can have and you would be burned out because that would be too much work. That’s a pity […]