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The Joy of Mashups! What do you get if you join location based information with your camera? Right: augmented reality. An image of an F16 pilot shooting down planes comes to mind. A Dutch company created an app for Android that does precisely so. > Check out the video > Layar´s website > Related: MIT´s […]

How much fun, a desktop OS from Google. Not a surprise, but still a nice message to shake it all up a bit. CNET calls it a nuclear bomb and I guess it is. What does that al mean for the UX sector? Make our life easier. Maybe one day we can stop developing .exe´s […]

As a user experience designer you can get better results if you can design the whole user process from start to end. In this ideal world everybody uses your software/application and it would solve all problems someone can have and you would be burned out because that would be too much work. That’s a pity […]

We get back to Luke Wroblewski´s lifelong knowledge of forms. Must say that it is great to have someone checking out these things in detail so we don´t have to invent the wheel again (and ending up with the same mistakes that Alexander the Great already made in 2000 BC). This time he focused on […]

January the 30th is coming closer for the deadline of Nielsen Norman’s Best Application UI 2009. For me a reason to push the launch of all the new products we are going to launch even more. Looking at the past winners I am looking forward to the winners this time and learning from their success. […]

An article from two years ago written by Bruce Tognazzini from the Nielsen Norman group on his Bug Hall of Fame with some of the worst bugs ever. But why does number three: “Automobile Self-Destruct Switch” from Lexus be the fault of a company called “Remco”? At least it is less bad than the “throw […]

Came across a very interesting thesis written by Christof van Nimwegen on providing assistance in user interfaces. To get to the point: If you help the user too much they won´t learn and remember. If you let him learn by himself with minimal clues he will be able to work faster, with interruptions and will […]