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Working in product development for middle to large companies it is very easy to hide behind a lot of walls. The “product manager told me so” or the “technically it is not possible” or the “the CEO thought that was  a great feature” one. Practically they exist, but in order to get the user experience […]

Sometimes there is no way out, saturday, IKEA Hell. After nearly kicking 2 lovely jovely couples that seem to have a romantic moment on a saturday afternoon in IKEA (for God’s sake, how is that possible?) and being distracted by stuff I really don’t want but my wife yes, we arrived at THE QUEUES. THE […]

SaaS and the Cloud are great. You have all your data available easily and from wherever. If you are doing a good job and have great API’s to extract from and enter data into your application you open the true gates of heaven. Being a fan of Tim Berner Lee’s call for action: RAW DATA […]

Let’s be honest: buttons suck. Dropdowns suck, sliders suck, everything that makes you think sucks. Example: 1:45 AM. You want to get money our of an ATM, you are not very sober and next to a bar and ran out of money. You enter your card, type in your PIN code, now the fun starts. Questions […]

Post -it o Post-it You make my world so bright and shiney You keep all well organized Make it possible to change on the fly and not loose track Re-arrange without 20 Outlook emails Add colour to my work life Serve as office wallpaper and decoration Let me draw and scratch and do card sorting […]