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Step by step we will get there: Having the speed of the desktop and the flexibility of the web. Google just launched a new version of their “Native Client” and now they launched “O3D” a plug-in that lets Web-based applications tap into a computer’s graphics chip, too. Although it looks like we are in an […]

OK, so it is possible. Photoshop Express but fast. Loads like a beauty, quick interaction and loads of features. And no, it has nothing to do with the heavyweight Japanese wrestlers. One thing it has in common is that it is another example of how to put heavyweight desktop software as a Flash SaaS application. […]

To increase efficiency between interface design and development XAML could be a great format. Digging into it I came across the only tool I could find to create XAML: Microsoft Blend. Let´s be honest, interface graphic designers use photoshop and maybe fireworks. No chance you get them to learn another program where you have to […]

Although I must say that Adobe Express´ interface is sleek and an allround success, it raises the question if desktop software is ready to go online. Try editing an image and wait….. Currently working on SaaS applications you try to get the direct interaction of a desktop in a browser (or outside if Adobe Air […]